Datura - Dance Mix 90 vol. 2

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Datura - Dance Mix 90 vol. 2

Datura - Dance Mix 90 vol. 2

Artist: Dance - Various Artists

Album: Datura - Dance Mix 90 vol. 2

Year: 1998

Tracks: 39

Genre: Dance

1 Move Your Body (radio version; 2 Eivissa)
2 Giddy Up (2 In A Room)
3 Lick It (nasty xxx version; 20 Fingers)
4 Mr. Personality (20 Fingers)
5 Short Dick Man (20 Fingers)
6 Sex Machine (club mix; 20 Fingers feat. Katrina)
7 Don't Give Me Your Life (Alex Party)
8 Everyday (plus staples mix; Anticappella)
9 I Am (Radio edit; Blackwood)
10 Over and Over (Captain Hollywood Project)
11 Obsession (original mix; Chase)
12 I Love My Dreams (Clutch)
13 Because the night (Co.Ro. feat. Taleesa)
14 The Rhythm Of The Night (club mix; Corona)
15 I Love To Dance (Dado extended mix; Datura)
16 I Will Pray (the secret friend radio edit; Datura)
17 Voo-Doo Believe (getfar remix; Datura)
18 Ready Or Not (data radio mix; Dj Dado and Simone Jay)
19 Coming Back (Dj Dado)
20 Loving You (club mix; Double You)
21 Somebody (emotive radio version; Double You)
22 Wake up (Flexx)
23 Freed From Desire (full vocal mix; Gala)
24 It's Love (get-far Fargetta extended mix; Gaya)
25 Life (Haddaway)
26 The Game Is Over (original mix; Lady Gee)
27 Dreamer (original club mix; Livin' Joy)
28 Follow The Rules (Livin' Joy)
29 Midnight (devotional radio edit; Simone Jay)
30 Running In A Real Time (T-Move Experience)
31 Deep In You (extended mix; Tanya Louise)
32 People (radio edit; The Soundlovers)
33 Follow Your Heart (extended mix; Ti.Pi.Cal. feat. Kimara)
34 Keep on Jumpin' (Todd Terry feat. Marta Wash and Jocelyn Brown)
35 The Real Thing (original mix; Tony Di Bart)
36 New Millenium (Topazz)
37 Professional Widow (Tori Amos)
38 Mismoplastico (Virtualmismo)
39 Move Me Up (X-Static feat. Long Leg)

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